PVCFC makes a major breakthrough thanks to its persistency

After hitting rock bottom in April, PVCFC’s stock price has risen by nearly 80%. It is the company’s inner power that accounts for this game-changing resurgence.

Promising results
According to reports generated from all the corporation’s retailers, PVCFC falls among one of those having the most impressive performance in the industry throughout the first 5 months of 2020. 
Making the most of a stable fuel resource, the firm has been able to sustain its productivity with 393.730 tons, completing 49% of the year’s plan. The figures for urea and self-made fertilizer were 345.630 and 76.330 respectively. The total interest reached 2.693 billion VND, completing 34% of the year’s plan. These are all spiraling numbers in comparison to the previous season.
Talking about this, stock companies presume that a 30% dive of oil price has engendered a climb in the input price, making it easier for business using fossil fuels such as PVCFC.
However, the spreading of corona virus has made a harsh time for agro-industry, restricting the use of fertilizers. Southwest Vietnam which is PVCFC targeted market had to confront with severe soil salinity and a concerning shortage of water. Other areas as the Central Highlands and Southeast have undergone stretching periods of unendurable droughts. For that, an increasing productivity proves the whole company’s every effort.
Heading for solidification
Since action speaks louder than words, the company has endeavored to connect with farmers and help them overcome such a tough time by guaranteeing a sufficient and on-time supply of  food.
The company’s representative claimed that such hardship in the first 2 months has forced growers to make use of single-component fertilizers. Nonetheless, if misguided and ill-informed, they might fall prey to substandard ones which can be fake. 
As a result, apart from selling and ensuring high-quality products, PVCFC has made every attempt to raise growers’ awareness of low-quality fertilizers, hold conventions and demonstrations.
In collaboration with The Mekong Delta’s Rice Institution and The Department of Cultivation and Conservation, PVCFC is carrying out smart cultivation program.
This program has helped farmers overcome soil salinity as the firm’s engineers constantly keep record of the level of saltiness. Also, they can estimate the optimal time for irrigation, promising productivity.
Both online and offline guidelines for effective usage of fertilizers and cultivation will be given to growers on a regular basis.
Amid such a turbulent economic situation, PVCFC enjoys the fruits of retailers who have willingly applied synchronous approach to help farmers. This is proved efficient by the results.
As the Southwest has completed 65% of its second quarter’s plan and the active season has come in Cambodia, consumption of PVCFC’s products is on the rise.
As for gas resource, the company’s head claimed that a stable energy resource will be maintained until 2031 so that the production course is stabilized and optimized, which does wonders for all the shareholders.
Towards the end of this year, fertilizers businesses are expected to be jeopardized by innumerable challenges. An improvement in the price of oil might initiate that of gas. Severe weather conditions may wreak havoc on harvesting. Fertilizers’ prices across the globe will experience a remarkable fall due to an imbalance between supply and demand.
On an arduous mission to rescue and foster Vietnamese agro-industry, PVCFC has been relentlessly throwing every effort into a gradual yet steady growth of its own and the whole field. This is vividly illustrated by the positive results gathered from the first five months of 2020.
On top of that, the National Assembly is anticipated to adjust 71/2014/QH13, which contains an imposition of VAT on fertilizers businesses, so that there is more auspiciousness to come to the industry.

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