N.Humate+TE 28-5


Nitrogen(N): 28%
Humic acid: 5%
Organics: 6%
Zinc (Zn): 1000 ppm; Bo(b): 400 ppm
Moisture: 4%, pH: 5
  Strengthen the root, absorb the nutrients well

Stimulating beneficial microorganisms

Increasing plant productivity and agricultural quality

Increaing plant fertility

Product information


Strong root, Spongy soil – Strong plant, growing fruits

N.Humate + TE is a new product line that has been researched and produced based on modern technology chain with outstanding features such as reducing nitrogen loss, adding nutrients to plants, helping to increase productivity and quality of agricultural products, thereby helping consumers to have more options to meet the diverse needs of using high quality fertilizer products, serving crops with high value.

With the desire to be the leading nutrition solution provider for crops, in 2015, PVCFC launched the high-class N.Humate + Te fertilizer product with many features and outstanding advantages, therefore was well appreciated by the market.

Outstanding features:

  • Saving the amount of fertilizer, increasing the yield and quality of agricultural products;
  • Stimulating the roots of plants to grow fast, strong and help to increase the efficiency of absorbing nutrients to make the plants grow well, healthy, blooming flower regularly, high fruiting rate, outstanding productivity;
  • Stimulating beneficial microorganisms to grow, making the soil more fertile.

Click to watch: N.Humate + TE Ca Mau Fertilizer Product Introducing Video 

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