Granular Urea



Nitrogen (N): 46,3% MIN 
Moisture: 0,5% MAX
  Fertilizers saving;

Slow decomposition helps balance nutritional elements;

Easy distribution, easy mixing with other fertilizers, low Biurét;

Suitable for all type of soils and trees.

Product Information

More durable, more economical

The Prilled urea product is the only product from the Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant with outstanding features compared to similar type of products on the market, continues to be highly appreciated by farmers and the nationwide distribution system. 

This is the first and only prilled fertilizer product in Vietnam with many outstanding features compared to other traditional nitrogenous fertilizer products on the market such as: The ability to resolve nitrogen is slow, helping plants to absorb nutrients effectively, expanding the term of plants durability and saving fertilizer, uniform particle size, no dust, so that it’s easy to spread and mix.

Outstanding features

  • The ability to resolve is slow which helps to limit the loss of nitrogen, helping plants to absorb nutrients better;
  • Large, round seeds, less dust, high stiffness facilitate transportation;
  • High drying performance, low moisture, no lumps, suitable to mix with other fertilizers, convenient in the process of fertilizing;
  • The content of soil pigments (biuret) is low.

Net weight: 50kg

Expiry date: 36 months from the date of manufacture.

Click to see: Product introduction film of Prilled Urea Ca Mau Fertilizer


Instructions for use:

Suitable for all types of soil and all crops and can be applied in combination with other fertilizers. The amount of fertilizer and the period of fertilization:

Rice: 50-60 kg / ha / time (3 times / crop: 7-10 days after sowing / 18-22 days after sowing / 38-42 days after sowing)

Corn: 80-100 kg / ha / time (3 times / crop: 7-10 days after planting / 20-30 days after planting / 40-50 days after planting)

Sugarcane: 120-150 kg / ha / time (3 times / crop: 15-20 days after planting / 2-3 months after planting / 4-5 months after planting)

Fruit trees (mango, longan, grapefruit, rambutan):

  • Basic construction period applying 200-300 g / tree / time (4 times / year: 3 months / time).
  • In the business stage, applying 300-500 g / tree / time (4-6 times / year: after harvesting / before flowering / after fruit set / fruit to grow 1-3 times)

Coffee, pepper:

  • Basic construction period: apply 100-200 kg / ha / time (4 times / year: 3 months / time).
  • Business phase: In the dry season, fertilizing 120-170 kg / ha / time (1-2 times); In the rainy season, apply 150-180 kg / ha / time (3-4 times: early in the rainy season / middle of the rainy season / at the end of the rainy season).

Tea: 70-110 kg / ha / time (applied once a month).

Rubber (business period): 200-300 kg / ha (divided into 2-3 applications / year: early in the rainy season / mid-rainy season / at the end of the rainy season)

Fruit and vegetable (watermelon, chili, tomato): Apply 80-120 kg / ha (7-10 days after planting). Applying 150-200 kg / ha / time (2-3 times / crop: 20-25 days after planting and growing fruits apply 1-2 times)

Short-term vegetables for leaf: 100-200 kg / ha/ time (2 times: 7-10 days after planting/ 20-30 days after planting)


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